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Territory Edit

BrackenClan lives in the north-east corner of the valley, on the side of the hill that faces inwards, they live in a forest with deep rutts between roots where leaves and twigs get clogged. Their forest in thinner than JungleClan's, and have many more ferns. Beneath the ferns there are countless tunnels through the plants, covers by thinner ferns, coated in leaves. This is how the Clan can get around noiselessly. They also use trees to travel, but most prefer the safer, exclusive tunnels. They have, at the end of a couple choice tunnels, a secret garden, were the medicine cat grows herbs, slicing though fern and cutting down leaves with their claws so that the plants get the sun and rain that they need. Hunting is generous in the forest.

BrackenClan has their camp in a tree in the forest, thick and short. It has wide branches that knot together, like many in the forest. There they take dead leaves and ferns from the forest floor to build nests. But kits cannot sleep in the branches, so the nursery is located beneath the tree, where Fernstar and his warriors dug out a large, cozy old fox den. The leader shelters on the lowest branch, so that they can protect the queens, since they have nine lives.

BrackenClan have a deep friendship with PetalClan, and so they often work around the bogs and sinkholes in their territory beside the stream and flowery fields to make bridges across the stream, rolling large logs into the stream so they can teter across and bring PetalClan gifts and let their apprentices play together.

Between the roots of trees there are sometimes great puddles after rain, but they often drain away very quickly.

Appearances Edit

  • Clans Rising

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  • The Mystery of JungleClan

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