Detailed Clan History Edit

JungleClan was the third Clan to be formed, and one of the four successfully formed Clans, ruled by Silverstar. The Clan was made by Silverstar, and greatly shaped by the StarClan warrior, Cinderfur. The Clan formed shortly after BrackenClan, who formed right after PetalClan. JungleClan formed so far before DaylightClan because of DaylightClan's easy-going StarClan founder and the mixed messages from living partially in Twolegplace.

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Territory Edit

JungleClan has the farthest west territory, nestled on a hill between the river and the border with BrackenClan, it is a forest with towering, thick trees, with branches that stay thick to the very top. The roots of the trees are exposed from constant erosion of rain traveled downwards, creating root caves where cats can shelter. In Green-leaf, when it is hottest and the rain is rare, moss flourishes and covers the roots rapidly making them soft and slippery. The forest floor is mossy and has sparse ferns, every few tail lengths they sprout up and spread upwards, but they do not cover the forest floor as they would elsewhere.

JungleClan thrives in the prey-rich forest, and have grown agile from years of navigating the tough landscape, avoiding mudslides among roots and slippery moss-coated roots from tripping them. It is not common, but sometimes in New-Leaf when the snow-melt is heavy, the mud will slide from between roots rapidly and has been known to suffocate an unsuspecting cat or few.

JungleClan lives partially because a river, where the forest is turned from jungle to swamp, the river having slowly reached beyond it's natural border to flood their home. JungleClan took it in stride, although, and will send patrols to push mud and sticks into a stout wall around the swamp, although it does not hold long, they always make new walls.

The swamp is not the only boggy territory that the JungleClan cats defend, although. For beside the stream that cuts them off from PetalClan, and that borders the Gathering Stones on one side, turns a sliver of the flower-flecked fields to marsh, with dangerous sinkholes that the cats are careful to avoid. To avoid the sinkholes, cats are required to bring pebbles and throw them in to see exactly how deep the water is. In New-Leaf cats must be especially careful because of snow-melt and rain. JungleClan is well adapted to the sinkhole and swamp, and determined to stay that way.

For the territory between the forest and the stream, there is a field, with wild flowers with colors from red to pink, dotting the stems of think clumps of grass. The grass is so long that it towers above the cat's heads, and the floor is soft and peaty with dead grass. The cats will sometimes use their teeth to rip out clumps and create paths through the fields.

There or many types of flowers in JungleClan territory, including Larkspur California Goldfields, Cosmos, Blue Field Gilla, Baby Blue Eyes, Dwarf Everlasting Flowers, Chinese Forget-me-not, Blanket Flower, and California Poppy.

Allegiances Edit

  • Silverstar's Forest

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  • The Mystery of JungleClan

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Credits Edit

  • Credits to Silvertree: Clan Infobox, Territory section, Allegiances section, Detailed Clan History section, character names

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