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PetalClan was the first of the four new Clans to form, lead by the fair-minded and free-tongued she-cat Daisystar, and her deceased and beloved companion, the wise, assertive, and often sharp-tongued tom called Needletongue. Needletongue was, before his untimely demise, the loyal and devoted deputy of WindClan, and despite his insistence on calling Daisystar's Clan WindClan, the she-cat showed her own displeasure at letting other cats get their way. She refused, and named her Clan PetalClan after the countless flowers in their territory, as well as after her mother Petal, and partially after her own name, Daisystar.

Daisystar believed, even before she had met StarClan and begun to listen to their words with awe and astonishment, in afterlife and spirits. Because of this belief, when a Clanmate died, the Clan chose places for the spirits to roam. Warriors were buried at the very top of the fields to watch over the Clan, while queens and kits were buried in patches of grass, with rocks on their graves and flowers, which patrols would pass by with flowers daily to honor their dead.

Apart from the honor that the dead Clanmates hold with the flowers and stones, and views of the sky, PetalClan also has a branch, given to them by their close friends in BrackenClan, they claw a mark every time a cat passes. Daistystar honors her living warriors, rewarding them with kindness and praise. She is a very active cat for her older age, nearly six years old, and oversees training sessions most days, still hunts, and sits at the graves every evening.

PetalClan has had a steady and healthy history, not falling once to famine because of BrackenClan's generosity, although they have had been ill. Many cats in PetalClan have died of sickness, and every cat has been remembered over the short five years that PetalClan has existed.

Daisystar may be the only leader, but she has had many lower ranks be filled and refilled. The medicine cat Sleekcloud is eight years old, older even than Daisystar.

Territory Edit

PetalClan lives in the north-east corner of the valley, where the afternoon sun baths their territory in golden light. Their thin, end borders on the west and east sides of their territory are bordered by the stream in the west, turning a sliver of their land into boggy flower-beds. The back, east border is cut abruptly by a Twoleg-grown hedge, where medicine cats can easily hunt out catmint.

Most of PetalClan's territory is wide, a gentle slope toward the stream with a few rocky outcrops sprouting from the fields of towering flowers. The flowers in PetalClan are a few tail lengths tall, and have sprigs like heather, but have many more colors. At the stems of the huge flowers there are squishy, sponge-like leafy flowers, that grow flat on the rich soil.

There are some patches of grass that are only a tail length or two tall, and inside these PetalClan warriors roll and flatten the grass. These places are usually burial sites for kits, queens, and medicine cats, while warriors are buried on the top of the territory so that their spirits can watch over PetalClan.

PetalClan shelters in a patch where grass used to grow, but was torn up for camp, and the dens are hollows dug out in the grass, where strips of bark, given to them by BrackenClan, were laid for rooves.

Appearences Edit

  • Clans Rising

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  • The Mystery of JungleClan

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