Description Edit

Poppyfall is a lithe, sleek-furred, dusky brown she-cat with hazel-brown eyes, and a long, slightly furry tail.

Biography Edit

Poppyfall was named after poppy flowers that her mother, Stormfang, had seen shortly before her birth. She had a regular birth, although it was somewhat strange to be the only kit in a litter.

She had a fairly tame kit-hood, not much happening apart from occasionally getting under a warrior's paws.

Poppyfall's apprenticeship was much the same, and she did well in her training, as well as showing marks of being a fine mentor when she was older. She gained her warrior name, Poppyfall, after her father, who had died in the stream after falling in and drowning.

Poppyfall soon earned her own apprentice, a young gray tom-cat named Leafpaw. She proved to be a good mentor, as long as Leafpaw payed attention. Se taught him everything she knew, and only punished him when he did not pay attention or disobeyed a direct order from her. Poppyfall showed patience when she demonstrated a move many times in one session. After six moons of hard training, Poppyfall welcomed Leafpaw to the warrior den with his new name, Leafstorm.

Shortly after, having mentored her own apprentice and now being about two years old, she was given the position of deputy. She does her duties well and is loyal to the aging leader Daisystar, although the feisty she-cat shows no sign of letting her deputy taking over just yet.

Owner Edit

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