I need HELP! Edit

Hello and welcome to to The New Clans Project! I am Silvertree, who controls the Wiki, edits character pages, writes Clan pages, wrote the home page, and now, this! I hope the Wiki looks all right, which I kind of doubt. I have only been using Wiki for a couple months, editing Warriors Wiki pages occasionally. Now, you may have noticed a serious lack of images. Don't worry, nothing is wrong with your device! I can't get the images to upload in the infoboxes, for some unknown reason, so I am trying to come up with a solution until then, I send out a desperate cry for help to more experienced Wiki-ers!


Ah-ha, an image! Yes, I can post pictures in the text, but when I put a link in the infobox it doesn't work. Am I doing something wrong, possibly? Like I said I am kind of new! I only found out about how to edit infoboxes yesterday! Like a few minutes after I made the wiki. I'm not kidding, I need a lot of help, maybe a sort of Wiki-mentor...

Well, I am luckily not the only Wiki manager! I also have Whitestar, who will try to chip in, and Featherleaf, who helped with her character's page, that I edited today and posted final, apart from the picture.

Also, how do I change where a picture is positioned? I don't know how to get out of the Visual Editor! Ah! It's supposed to be easy but it also bugs me because I think using the other version of the editor is how you post pictures...

I can't do this project alone! So please, help me!

Clans Rising Edit

I am writing this alone! It will be short, probably about the length of a novella. It's about how the new Clans form. Kitties to the left are the ones I have to use for the story, and you can see the Clan symbols!


The Mystery of JungleClan Edit

Emberlight and I are writing this together! We do not need more help, thanks. You'll find more details about it when I make the page.

Roleplay Edit

JungleClan, PetalClan, BrackenClan, and DaylightClan roleplays should eventually be up on my Quotev account. But seriously, it may take a bit to go up. I'm kinda busy. Holidays is when I'm super active on Warriors.

F.A.Q Edit

Send me questions on my Quotev account and I'll add them here with my answer!

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