Welcome to the New Clans Wiki! Edit

Welcome to The New Clans Wiki! This is a collective project among the Warrior fans on, possibly Warriors Wiki and BlogClan as well. The New Clans is a fan fiction, still going through planning and just starting to get practice drafts. The story follows five cats, Silver, Daisy, Fern, Rowan, and Brownie, as well as their StarClan mentors, who guide them on the rough path to leading their very own Clan after the great fall of the lake Clans.

The story is written by Silvertree, with possible help from the other members of The New Clans Wiki. So far only Silvertree has done work on the Wiki, so if you have any ideas or want to help message her and ask what you can do!

Emberlight assists with the JungleClan story, while Silvertree with write Clans Rising alone. The books will mainly, if not entirley, from JungleClan's POV.

The story about JungleClan will be based off of a roleplay that Silvertree and Emberlight were active in called "Mystery of BogClan", although details will not be revealed yet. The working title is Mystery of JungleClan, a possibly shot from more than one POV.

We still need covers for the stories, contact Silvertree for details if you're open to the task!

For more details contact Silvertree or search for the 'The New Clans Project' page, which will be posted soon!

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